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5 cool places you should travel to in 2017

Traveling is such an awesome experience, meeting people and being in places and tasting food rich in diversity and culture and history is such a blessing that not many folks will have , If your traveling this year , we may have some cool spots for you to check out . here's Ten of our favorites !

1. Croatia

Dubrovnik to be exact , this Dalmatian Coast gem boasts of streets paved in limestone , and walls that stretch 80 feet high , Embracing it's historic town which makes you feel like your in the set of the "Game of thrones", Thanks to the City's upcoming scooter program Summer promises to see locals and visitor's scoot up and down private beaches along the coast and what not. The Historic feel of the place would make it worthwhile the trip.

2. Morrocco

Yves Saint Lauren will be having a debut in the area around the upcoming Months particularly Marrakesh , reflective of Berber Culture thanks to a museum dedicated to it , and the beauty of Jardin Majorelle , and the residence of Yves Saint Lauren as well as his spiritual resting place ( His Ashes were scattered in Marrakech)makes this an Exquisite visit for you.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Museums , Museums , Museums , the drop in Sweden's Lovely State owned Museums which include the likes of Museums of Modern Art , and Skokloster Castle , would swoon anyone who has fine taste in European Art , especially that the Dollar is pretty strong currency in the area , enjoying this cultured and beautiful country would be worth every second.

4. Madagascar

Just off the coast of Africa and where 90% of their Mammals are not found anywhere in the world ,they have lovely eco-friendly lodges , that you can stay at. If you enjoy nature and chameleons and lemurs you will love this place.

5. Maldives

They said the island may be sinking , so enjoy it now , seriously though Maldives is Gorgeous ! beaches everywhere and to die for , that around 25 new hotels just sprung up, alot of eco friendly spots to stay at , private islands and delicious delicacies , those beaches really are delightful! 































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