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Finding the right person for you in this lifetime is almost like an unending stream of hits and misses.

Sometimes we are swooned off our feet only to find out later ,that what was once a 3 month romance filled journey was just an oasis of delirious broken promises, An all too familiar tale, many of us would rather not revisit.

But then again when that long endeared soul does appear in our lives , that dreary memory of lonesome eternity seemed like a well worn wait , like divine providence allowed to bear.

And then comes the perfect meld , the soul of your body , a fantastic celebration of love, hope , both your dreams and a bright loving promise of tomorrow.. together , forever.

Your perfect match has finally arrived.

which brings you to the ultimate challenge and eternal question, when the courage of decision has made its way from heart to logic , the choice to seek that physical connection , the immortal engagement ring.

engagement rings santa monicaMany A blessed man but not all , will have the fine opportunity to ask himself “ which ring would she adore till the end?” “Will she actually be proud to wear this?” “What type of ring shall I get her? “ , ah the confusion, the frustration abound.
An Immaculate ring for the perfect woman , the perfect commitment for the long awaited partner. and the factors set in ,The element of surprise is in your hands , and one that would delight your lady and bride to be , a type of surprise that she would never forget.

So the suggested approach would that you be observant of her inclinations to her preferred choices ,her style and desires, a quick look into her current jewelry would give you an idea and ideas to prepare for what type of investment you may be looking at , or the type of investment that may be needed for a one time life changing event.

Solitaire Engagement Rings is a popular favorite for many couples, especially when it is custom designed , custom designs are always to die for because of it's uniqueness and one of a kind nature , for instance a custom made rustic diamond ring would not only be divine but would be a stunning and exceptional experience for your loved one.

engagement rings santa monicaAnother consideration would be the design and elegance of the piece , and also the practicality and durability of it if your darling has a more rigorous and adventurous lifestyle.

Most purchased and preferred engagement rings are of the diamond variety , and yet the lack of information for this cherished stone is still prevalent , working with an experienced ,skilled and legitimate jeweler is critical to ensure your investment stands the test of time and will be forever breathtaking in the hands of your one and true love.

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Your Darling deserves the best ! and so do you! here's to your Happiness!