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Jewelry store in santa monica
Jewelry ! from diamonds to rubies and beyond ! Everyone just has a deep fondness if not abundant love for them, and it is ever dearest to take care and keep them remarkable and untainted by even father time.

Physical activity is definitely a critical function for our health and well being , and though we need it , a lot of times the majority of jewelry lovers forget to remove their gems before exercising , and a lot of times this ends in smashed jewelry, mind you even the toughest gems can get fractured and shattered if force touches the right place, sometimes even jewelry repairs may not be able to save the damage.

Another common disposition is that some folks develop the unfortunate inclination of taking off their rings by way of their gem stone , this type of habitual action results in the gem getting detached and getting lost eventually.

custom jewelry design, fine jewelry repairs, jewelry repairs, stone setting,Placing gemstones in the same container , can get the harder ones damaging the softer gems, if not ruining other jewelry surfaces such as gold and silver, so storing them in separate jewelry boxes or compartments would be highly beneficial.

Rings constantly worn easily accumulates dirt like dust and other particles ,maintaining them and keeping them clean would sustain their luster, using a bowl of water and some soft dish soap would avoid the risk of you losing your rings down the drain, just soak them and clean with a soft cloth, watch out for the threads if any from latching on to your ring’s prongs.

Some stones are by nature porous so it is also best avoiding the use of strong cleaning chemicals ,because it may get absorbed and discolor and ruin the gemstone.

small ideas to keep in mind in order for your investment to stay longer and to retain if not amplify it’s beauty and value. 

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