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Since the dawn of history , mankind has always cherished gemstones due to their exquisite beauty and its being far and few. The ancient civilizations also believed that some gemstones carried certain powers and meanings that even the bible has reference on them such as the 12 gemstones placed in New Jerusalem’s Foundation.

The scholar Flavius Josephus linked certain gems to the zodiac signs themselves , it was believed that individuals would be able to receive healing and magical powers.

its believed later on that polish and German traders came up with the birthstone listings and this in turn was  familiarized in poems. the months of the year were then matched with certain aspects of gemstones.

Here are gemstones that may match your month of birth and their supposedly inherited qualities:

January-Garnet except for Blue ,Garnet comes in every color , it is said to make you feel calmer , stay safe from nightmares and even from snakebites, this gemstone is believed to strengthen your self image and energy as well.

February - Amethyst : The attributes of royalty and peace , they say it also keeps you from the onslaught of being drunk.

March - Pale Blue Aquamarine Gemstones : qualities such as health love and hope as well as increased joy and happiness is a promise this gemstone keeps.

Jewelry repair in santa monicaApril - Diamonds : believed to avert away insanity at some point , diamonds are thought to offer eternal love and the rung of being invincible.

May- Emeralds: The qualities of health such as fertility and faithfulness is held by this gem.

June - Pearls / Moonstones : If marriage is a concern it is believed that these stones have the aura of modesty and stability in a relationship. it also comes in a variety of colors , like creamy white , grey and chocolate.

July - Rubies :  if harmony peace and integrity of character, it is believed that this gem entices good friends and good vibes.

Aug - Peridot : Wear or posses a peridot and it is believed that it would protect you from evil and sadness, a fascinating stone to surely have.

Sept - Sapphires : are believed to encapsulate purity , faith and dignity. coming in a myriad of colors  as well as the usual blue.

October - Opals : believed to protect it’s wearer from distrustful and malicious people , it is thought to also epitomize imagination ,virtue and faith.

Nov - Topaz : identified with courage and healing , this gem is also thought to provide safety for people who travel and also that it reinforces one’s valuable mental stability.

Dec - Tanzanite / Blue Topaz : Thought as an indicator of health , it is believed that the gems color changes when the wearer was sick or if the individual was under threat. Good fortune and happiness is another quality believed to be brought by these stones.

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