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Most people love jewelry , from diamonds to necklaces and heart rings and bracelets, you name it. even when most jewelry types are pretty generic and found almost just in any retail store , i mean it’s not very exciting or engaging when one piece mirrors the other in my humble opinion.

Enter Custom Jewelry , where handcrafted pieces are meant to bend the rules and make a unique statement, from modern designs with a twist , like a Slim Criss Cross Diamond Ring to a more delicate interweaved silver casted bracelet, custom jewelry is meant to not always be over the top but to give your individuality alot of character and justice.

Sexy as in being a focal point of a conversation , a curious inquiry can lead into much more convenient relationships , “So please tell me the meaning of that unique necklace you are wearing “ , sentiments like this illustrates how smoothly pure strangers are brought together by the captivating touch and allure of custom jewelry , where other options and attempts of introduction may have sounded like a limp and desperate sales call ,custom jewelry creatively creates attraction and conversation for both sexes.

Custom Jewelry is as sexy as getting enlightened into the deeper meaning of the wearer , absorbing experiences and learning new and lasting moments why they wear it and how their story was translated by their experienced jewel designer into an immortally melded gem so to speak.

Giving you insights you may have never known existed and stories from even farther lands that you may never in your lifetime ever visit.

Because of it’s unique and one of a kind approach , custom jewelry need not have too much accompaniment , say a single piece of a “ heart beat diamond necklace “ , one that resembles what a cpr machine would show , where the heart’s beat is resembled by a spiking band of light , would not need more jewelry just to be striking , it’s own appearance in the neck of the wearer makes a loud exclamation that “I am alive and Rocking !”.

Handcrafted and Customized jewelry truly is an extension of the individual , it usually always carries a meaningful tale since it was especially made for that special person.
Men usually send out a much attractive vibe and sexiness with jewelry than men without , Nothing speaks of power or success than handcrafted personalized jewelry , Diamond rings are powerful but custom styled ones are a cut above the rest , a custom Textured Twig with Diamonds ring is what separates the Men from the Boys , A lady would easily see the difference and even just that one ring would sell the man itself before words even spoken.

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