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Dating back to the Ancient times of the Sumerians, Crystals were believed to posses properties that would enhance the lives of it’s users, there is good reason why crystals were used for various things especially healing , and although not too long ago it’s popularity trended to a hipster-ish high in the 80’s ,

The Sumerians were long done using it on restoring good health , protection , energy generation and projection amongst others, Having been a Great Empire , they may be right.

Faith in the unseen is a lot of times difficult to do , but say in the light of something like electricity , it is a type of energy first thought to exist and unseen but now felt. This line of thought may well be the secret to understanding and capturing the power of crystals and how it can benefit you.

Here is a list of crystals that you may want to try out , not only is it pretty fashionable but it is believed to posses special attributes for your taking.


  1. Amethyst :

    Feeling sad? Down , and Blue ? The lovely purple colored crystal is believed to harness the power of hHappiness , it is said to protect against negative and self hurting actions that is detrimental to your health. Let this crystal provide you peace and calm in times of turmoil.


  1. Fluorite :

    If you are feeling stressed out and have a ton of anxiety on your shoulders , try grabbing a Fluorite crystal , it is promised to relieve it’s wearer of these negative taxing emotions by calming your mind and spirit. All it’s colors are said to containt the same type of properties. 


  1. Jade :

    A favorite amongst the Asian people, Jade is believed to stabilize matters of emotion especially self-reliance and heart and love the Chinese believed that Jade could also heal the kidneys.

    4. Lapis lazuli : 

    Having a deep blue color lapis lazuli contains the component of lazurite thought of as the king of stones it has a stunning Crystal bluish color and hue that is believed to Aid with meditation and deep inner awareness,  abuse victims can definitely benefit from this crystal,because it is thought that this Crystal promotes strength and Hope.

    5. Quartz : 

    Believed to have contained enhanced healing energy healers for some time now believe that quartz crystals can help you heal and strengthen your body and clear away any kind of negative energy that surrounds you it is also believed that it promotes creativity concentration and stamina.

    6. Turquoise:

    Another Crystal hailed by many Native Healers as It is believed that turquoise protects the wearer from danger it has a crystal structure that is barely visible through a microscope and is believed to also help and Aid with communication.

    7. Hematite :

    This Crystal is believed to promote mental organization and logical thinking it is also believed to reduce negative thinking and a lot of practitioners use this Crystal to protect themselves and their rooms in their houses Greek soldiers are said to be carrying this into battle for protection.



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