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Although we believe that Big is truly beautiful , some folks out there still subscribe to the leaner and "sexier" look , different strokes for different folks as one can only say .

Despite our personal preferences and to stick to the ideas at hand , We bring to you this
Month's idea box on how jewelry can help you look thinner ! Please enjoy

Significance of Clothing for Jewelry

Sure, various clothing choices and their particular styles and shapes are a large factor in determining the leaner look and how your contours are highlighted, and for good measure throw in the right colors as well , but where jewelry excels is in it's ability to "stand out " when placed in the desired body part.

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Wear to enhance your distinct features

People would most likely be dazzled and their attention be redirected at the area where your jewelry is adorned, so with this in mind pay close attention to your body type and shape.

Bangles ,braceletes and long necklaces would keep eyes off on hips that are wide and thighs that are considered bigger , if the middle of your body is a concern you can use earings and also bracelets would work well to keep eyes away from the area.

Veiling the weak spots

Larger bracelets , especially the thicker onces are good to veil or cover bigger looking wrists, if your wrists are thinner you will want to keep away from these types of bracelets and most likely go for the thinner ones which at times have a sexier look and feel.

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For those who feel their ears are a bit on the larger side , hoops or dangly type earrings are a lovely match , people will be paying more attention to the style of it than your ears for sure. Normally people would be drawn towards your face and neckline as well as your cheek areas.

Make your neck look slimmer by wearing longer chain necklaces as the eyes will be drawn downward to the throat area. avoid dangly type earings and use smaller tight and flashy type earings to keep eyes toward your face area and away from the body mid areas.

Keeping in mind

Always keep in mind that wearing your jewelry in the right areas will do wonders in making you look slimmer. We hope you enjoyed this read and that it has helped you become the best that you already are !


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