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February 13, 2017 0 Comments

Once again Valentines is here , and so is the stress of having to grab that special something for your special loved one , it is always a breeze if and when one has handy effective tips right in one's fingertips.

In los Angeles , Santa Monica Jewelry Store, Designs by Musti  would like to share some jewelry shopping tips for this heartfelt season. 

The Jewelers of America, a trade association with over 7,000 retail members, believes it is a great time to buy jewelry,  given the abundant and generous discounts being offered.

Despite this generosity though they caution for you to look at quality pieces that fit your budget as opposed to the ones purchased just for the sake of a perceived low priced deal.

When it comes to jewelry , it sure is hard to argue. so do keep these tips in mind.


What does your partner like?


Is your partner the active type? does your partner like smaller earrings? maybe hoops won't be a good choice, as well as rings with high settings since these fall out and chip out easier. 

find out discreetly if your partner is someone who seeks quality rather than one who isn't fuzzy with details.


Knowledge is power

 You won't need to be a jewelry genius, but abit more info on gemstones , terms and various factors does take it a longer way.

Give time to Research some jewelry websites and or better yet if you are in a fashionable city like LA , a quick call to a jewelry store in Los Angeles can help you with quality information, to have an idea how rates and various factors give you an edge on getting you a better if not best deal, the information on the web alone is a huge help.


Not every "Gem" that sparkles is precious. 

If the discount is to steep to be true, it probably is . be wary of too deep a discount, there maybe issues with the gem stone at hand . and this is why research is also important to ensure not only do you get a quality piece but one that is also authentic and worth your money,

Various Jewelry associations and even websites like the American Gem Society would be more than a good start,any of them worth their weight will be able to provide information that would ensure your investment be the right one and a real one at that.

Los Angeles Jewelry Store in Santa Monica here to the rescue!

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We hope this was a helpful read that may help you own a one of a kind and lovely memorable piece of Jewelry that would add to you and your loved one's Happiness and prosperity. 

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