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Should you really give a Promise ring? and what is it really?

A promise ring defines commitment , a commitment between persons who
agree to be faithful to a meaningful understanding that one would uphold an agreement , this agreement may be a promise to not cheat , or engage in unhealthy habits , even maybe a pledge of love to each other, Either way a promise ring symbolizes this commitment , starts with a promise and ends with a promise as well.

A promise ring should be given from the heart and when you decide you want to give it to someone who means alot to you , or to someone who's relationship and well being you treasure , If you feel you want to symbolize and express your love and care in a more physical and meaningful way then a promise ring can be the best way to do this ,

Your significant other or even your loved one would appreciate this gesture and understand that this token carries a heavy message , that the ring carries a heartfelt promise to be kept.

Always be clear about your intentions to avoid misunderstandings , If you do decide to pledge your heart on a promise ring , always be honest and forthcoming and that you plan to keep your word to honor your promise as it is symbolized by your promise ring.

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