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Sometimes with so much options , it is stressful and confusing just to figure out which jewelry would bring out the best in you. Just like the way you choose your wardrobe ,your jewelry is the visual piece that makes your over all look, an actual statement!

Tip 1 : Figure out the purpose of your jewelry

Are you wearing this to compliment your clothes? Did you want it to give a certain message to a potential group of people?

Is this piece of jewelry worn to emphasize your body shape? or even hair?

These are good questions to start with , to ensure your jewelry gets the right impact and result that you are after.

Tip 2 : Ensure that your jewelry type also blends well with the event or occasion

What kind of event are you attending?  its best to look appropriate in the right setting
A choker or overlapped earring strands may look awesome in a nightclub or party event , but it can be detrimental if used in a business like formal gathering of Executives, this small error can make or break you in executive and conservative circles.

Tip 3: Does the jewelry enhance your tone?

Some jewelry pieces although exquisite may not be the best choice if it cannot match your skin tone or your shape type ,

remember one of the best uses of jewelry is to enhance and affirm your person and style as a whole.


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